Monday, January 30, 2012

14 Acts Of Love

Its hard to believe but February is almost here, where did January go? I'm sadly behind on all the Valentine craft I had plan to do this year. So instead of attacking one of those many crafts I went browsing on Pinterest today. Of course I found more ideas and one that I knew I just had to do, 14 Acts of Love. I debated just waiting to do it next year but for some reason I couldn't get it out of my head, so I finally gave in a decided to make it. I knew if I decided to make it, that meant that I had to put something together fast for February 1 was about here. If I knew what I was going to have to go through to make this I probably never would have started it. I didn't want to just copy the idea, I wanted to put my own spin on it, I gather the supplies and went to work with an idea. Well that idea didn't work well nor did the other three or four I tried. I was ready to give up but the kids now knew about it and there was no way that I was getting out of it. Here what I came up with.

First I sat down with the kids to come up with thier 14 Acts  of Love. I like the idea of the kids coming up with thier own.  If you need a little help, coming up with some here what we came up with.
1. Play nicely together.
2. Help Mommy with the dishes.
3.Make someone a treat.
4. Make someone a heart.
5.Give someone a big hug.
6. Give someone a flower.
7.Make Valentines for friends.
8.Help put up clothes.
9.Tell someone something you love about them.
10.Give someone kisses.
11.Make someone a card.
12.Tell someone you love them.
13. Call someone to tell them you love them.
14. Give out valentines.

Next I found a box left over from Christmas, and I wrapped it in some red wrapping paper.  You could use just about anything here, like a cereal box or any other box you have laying around. I liked the box in the beginning thinking it would hang nicely but as you read on you will learn that, that didn't turn out to be the case.

 Cut out 14 square, I made mine 2X2. Once you have them cut out write 1 -14 on them and set them aside.

Write your 14 Acts of Love on the box. You'll want to measure them out so they all look straight. By time I got to this I was so tired of the project I just eyed and you can tell its not even at all.

Tape your numbers on over your Acts of Love. Once again spend the little extra time measuring it so that it come out evenly.

My box wouldn't hang up like I thought it would so I went back and add a hole  to the top then I put some pipe cleaner through then twisted the bottom.

 Mine doesn't look the best but I like the idea of it. With a little time and patience I think they could turn out really cute.